Job Application - Alabama Fire College

Job Posting OPEN

Regional Coordinator - Full Time and Part Time

SALARY:  $44,154 - $58,439 based on experience, qualifications and full time/part time status


  • The application must be submitted by 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • A complete file consists of the Alabama Fire College application, current resume addressing how the applicant has fulfilled both the required and preferred qualifications and a copy of diploma or transcripts verifying the education requirements
  • Failure to receive any item listed above by the closing date will result in disqualification of consideration for the position.
  • The Alabama Fire College may extend the application deadline to ensure an adequate pool of qualified candidates
  • Individuals invited for an interview must travel at their own expense
  • Applicants requiring an accommodation should notify us at 205-343-7403

The Regional Coordinator is a position responsible for assisting in the delivery of a comprehensive program of services that are designed to:  enhance the function of fire departments in the state; increase funding opportunities for fire department operations; and improve the quality of fire protection and prevention services delivered throughout Alabama with particular emphasis on rural areas of the state.  The specific areas of responsibility of the part time position are situational and will be assigned by the Director, Regional Services.  The full time position will be responsible for areas in Southeast Alabama.


  • Works with and advises staff on the establishment and maintenance of effective processes to achieve accomplishment of the program goals
  • Demonstrate effective planning, organization and evaluation skills
  • Deal with multiple projects, programs and initiatives simultaneously while maintaining a high degree of organization and effectiveness
  • Demonstrate broad familiarization with fire service-related issues and ability to identify service delivery needs
  • Demonstrate a familiarization with processes, policies and procedures commonly associated with fire service grant and special funding opportunities and intiatives
  • Demonstrate knowledge related to fire service line-of-duty death benefit programs and serve as liaison to firefighter line-of-duty death initiatives and programs
  • Exhibit familiarization with rural fire service delivery issues and provide delivery support
  • Regularly attends county association meetings, conferences and events to disseminate information and to assist with training 
  • Facilitate setup, opening, monitoring and evaluation of local training as needed
  • Maintain, prepare and submit required records and/or reports for the institution
  • Coordinate with other staff and/or contractors to develop effective delivery mechanisms for Alabama Fire College Programs
  • Collection of data and analysis enhancement
  • Mutual/Automatic Aid integration functions
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • Possess reasonable computer skills


  • Identify specific outlets for the institution's programs, with a particular emphasis on rural delivery
  • Assist with systematic evaluation of the institution's programs
  • Serve as liaison between the fire service, external agencies, the community, public programs, appropriate state, regional and national agencies, and other entitites in promoting and maintaining satisfactory relationships
  • Assist with planning for and conducting special events as required or assigned
  • Disseminate relevant information between administration, state and national agencies and the Alabama Fire Service
  • Participate in the development, revision and implementation of planning programs in assigned functional areas
  • Assist with the development of agreements for enahncement of fire services in the state and maintain necessary relationships
  • Attend and effectively participate in staff meetings
  • Participate in the Alabama Fire College strategic planning process
  • Actively and creatively participate in assigned committees and special projects
  • Participates constructively in all planning and quality improvement activities
  • Liaison between administration and external agencies and personnel
  • Participates in professional development activities and represents the institution through involvement in community affairs and public service activities
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Executive Director and/or Director, Regional Services


  • Minimum of five years certified service experience required
  • Must live in or within a reasonable distance of the assigned area


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution preferred
  • Familiarization with rural fire service delivery efforts preferred
  • Experience with fire service grant funding programs preferred
  • Knowledge of mutual/automatic aid and related processes preferred
  • Involvement with fire service line-of-duty-death initiatives preferred