Job Application - Alabama Fire College

Job Posting OPEN

Adjunct Instructor

  • Due to the current needs for the position of Adjunct Instructors, hiring preference will be given to Alabama residents.
  • Your application will be active for one year.
  • We do not respond to requests regarding the status of your application.
  • The posting for the position of Adjunct Instructor is a continuous posting and does not necessarily reflect current vacancies.

This position is responsible for delivery of classroom instruction in assigned courses, maintenance and upkeep of all equipment used in the delivery of course materials, and special duties as assigned.  Must be able to teach using curriculum for fire and emergency services related topics and serve as a Safety Officer.  Adjunct Instructors will contribute to the currency and development of curriculum to be used in assigned programs of responsibility.


  • Deliver classes in a manner to ensure an effective learning experience
  • Maintain a high level of competence and expertise in the teaching field or subject area assigned
  • Incorporate current teaching techniques,subject area developments and current technology (if applicable) into the learning experience
  • Provide classroom instruction in accordance with approved curriculum
  • Inform students concerning course requirements, evaluation procedures, attendance requirements and academic progress
  • Provide for effective evaluation of the learning experience of each student
  • Prepare and grade skills, assignments, projects and examinations as required
  • Participate in the planning of effective long-range goals for the department
  • Demonstrate effective people skills, communication skills, and work ethic (i.e. preparation and punctuality)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the mission and goals of the Alabama Fire College
  • Provide and report maintenance, upkeep and inventory of equipment used in classes assigned
  • Participate effectively with applicable Technical Review Committees
  • Assist in the development and revision of course content as requested
  • Maintain work and training areas assigned and insure a safe working environment


  • Participate in required meetings and makes written request for equipment and supplies as needed
  • Actively participate on committees and task forces as requested
  • Participates creatively in activities of the institution
  • Demonstrates commitment to 1) student retention and success 2) challenging and cultivating student achievement beyond the classroom 3) supporting a diverse population of learners 4) working in a participatory and collegial setting 5) supporting continuous improvement of curricula and services 6) using technology and other innovative approaches to enhance the teaching/learning process 7) participation in professional growth activities
  • Maintain confidentiality


  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • Possession of ProBoard or IFSAC accredited certifications sufficient to establish expertise in the area of instruction required
  • 3 years full time fire service experience required
  • Prior experience in Fire Service Training required
  • Fire Instructor II or equivalent instructional methodology certification required


  • Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science or Instruction Technology preferred
  • Prior course development experience preferred