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Certification Specialist

SYNOPSIS:                                   This position requires management and organizational skills, computer skills and customer service skills. Responsibilities and associated duties are of a confidential nature. This position will assist the Certification Director and the Certification Department in providing services to students and graduates of the Alabama Fire College and provide support services to other AFC employees. 




·         Bachelors Degree and a minimum of five years’ experience OR Associates Degree and 7 years experience OR a High School Diploma and 10 years experience  working in a state or provincial fire service training system required.

·         Experience with fire service accreditation required.

·         Experience in maintaining a departmental budget preferred.

·         Experience in LXR Testing Program – preferred.

·         Experience in On-line testing formats preferred.

·         Experience in proofreading/editing preferred.

·         Experience in an Adult Learning setting preferred.

·         Knowledge of implementing NFPA Standards preferred




·         Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills such as:

§  Preparing accurate reports from varied information

§  Making oral presentations on job-related topics to small work groups

·         Understand and follow advanced written and verbal instructions including, but not limited to:

  • Assimilating knowledge of institutional policies and procedures
  • Independently following departmental guidelines and procedures
  • Demonstrates effective planning, organization and evaluation skills
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality initiatives and processes

§  Ability to work independently and as part of a team as assigned

§  Ability to foster professional relationships

§  Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects

§  Effectively coordinate efforts to produce a certification process that meets or exceeds relevant accreditation requirements

§  Deal with multiple projects, programs and initiatives simultaneously while maintaining a high degree of organization and effectiveness

§  Schedule and coordinate all assigned activities

§  Advanced computer skills, including maintaining and working within a database and testing platform with a high level of accuracy

§  Organizing and presenting information in tables, charts, spreadsheets, etc.

§  Proofreading drafts and correcting grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuating on correspondence and documents

§  Working efficiently to meet deadlines and in critical situations

§  Work collaboratively to maintain positive working relationships, and exhibit a strong work ethic (preparation and promptness)

§  Demonstrate a familiarization with processes, policies and procedures commonly found in collegiate institutions

§  Effectively manage subordinates and/or contract personnel

§  Effectively maintain a testing function that is secure and valid for the purposes of certification

§  Ensures test security and confidentiality

§  Demonstrate familiarization with processes, policies and procedures commonly associated with fire service accreditation

§  Demonstrate knowledge related to testing development procedures and psychometrics




·         Assists in ensuring compliance with accrediting bodies policies and procedures as well as state and national standards, laws, and regulations regarding emergency services education, training, and particularly certification.

·         Act as a communications liaison between the different staff/units as it applies to the Certification process – Training, Curriculum, Certification.

·         Assists with the management of quality control for certification standards, instructional materials, and delivery technologies.

·         Assists with the management of the partnership programs of the AFC.

·         Assists with the management and administration of written and computer-based web testing and skills testing, including test bank creation and management, item validity, and statistical analysis.

·         Assists with the management and organization of approved Certification Proctors and Evaluators as well as the development of training and evaluation methods of these individuals.

·         Assists with the planning, researching and organizing of updates and train-the-trainer sessions with subject matter experts.

·         Assists in the advisement of candidates of certification requirements such as prerequisites and the certification process as well as the policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations and standards associated with certification and training.

·         Attend pertinent meetings to provide knowledge and support of certification objectives

·         Proctors certification exams as needed.

·         Assist with the processing of Reciprocity requests.

·         Assists with the preparation of accrediting bodies correlation documents, site visit preparation documents, all accreditation requirements, as well as assisting with accrediting body membership requirements.

·         Performs other duties as assigned

·         Maintains confidentiality


FLSA & EMPLOYMENT STATUS:        This position is an exempt, full-time benefitted position


SALARY:  Range of C3 D1-IB, $49,934 - $79,010 based on experience and qualifications.





·         Complete application files must be submitted online by 4:00 p.m. Friday, February 26, 2021

·         A complete file consists of:

·         AFC employment application

·         Current resume addressing how the applicant fulfills both the required and preferred qualifications listed on this job announcement

·         Copy of diploma or transcripts, verifying education requirements


NOTE: Failure to receive any item listed above by the closing date, will result in disqualification of consideration for this position.


·         The Alabama Fire College may extend the application deadline to ensure an adequate pool of qualified applicants. 

·         Prior to a job offer being made, applicant may be required to submit employment verifications from current and prior employers.

·         The application form is available on the Job Board on the Alabama Fire College website


Individuals selected as finalists will be invited for an interview. A maximum of three finalists will be recommended to the Executive Director for consideration. The Executive Director may select one of the recommended applicants to fill the vacancy or may choose to reopen the application and selection process. Applicants must travel at their own expenses. Applicants requiring accommodation to complete the application and/or interview process should notify us at 205-343-7403.